Almost 4 years has passed since

I have spoken to the only man I have ever truly felt emotions for I think of him everyday and I worry about him and pray for him and dream of him often and when i try to picture my future with someone else i can never envision it and sometimes I wonder if I can ever truly give my heart to another because I feel STUCK in every single way

there was dishonesty between us that was due to insecurities and immaturity and I have completely changed and grown into a woman that I can be proud of and hopefully he has too

I always feel like there is an emptiness inside of my heart

I worry that the way i feel will never go away.......

all of my feelings are weighting so heavily on my heart.

should I reach out and hope that he is receptive or should I let the past stay where it is and try to cope?

And if I reach out what should I say and where do I begin?