Sooooo tonight my husband and I had a huge falling out and he's still not back almost 3 hrs later. What started this, was a female solider called my husband and said she needed a ride to where they were on guard and not only did she need a ride, she also would've been sitting in our car for six hours. Just her and my husband. Well, he told her yes. See that's not ok with me. I don't feel comfortable with a woman I don't know sitting in my car with my husband. Needless to say I kinda went berserk. Anyways he told his boss he couldn't take the girl and she was pretty upset. My husband was upset because he said that's his job and there's nothing he can do about it. Currently we're going through problems and supposedly we're going to have counseling. Right before my husband left he said he was done with us and wanted a divorce and was not coming back except to get his clothes. I'm beside myself with worry and hurt. I honestly think that this may be it for us. I'm just devastated right now. The bad thing is, I'm a week late. And he doesn't even care about me. I'm left here all alone with no transportation or any way of getting to the store for groceries