Is it to early to test when experiencing irregular periods?!....HELP

Jalicia • 20 y.o......this is my new beginning ! TTC my rainbow baby , mother to a beautiful angel Chyna R.I.P ?..#246

During my fertile period my boyfriend and i baby danced almost every day (as we're trying for our rainbow baby). Lately ive been feeling totally out of it, literally dragging my feet, ive been gassy, dizzy, forever hungry eatting everything iican see and have been experiencing lower back pain along with mild to moderate headaches. My last cycle was from Sep 27- Oct 4, usually its a 33 or 41 day cycle...iitested today just because i was curious with a regular "no name" brand hpt nd it came up neg. Is it to early to test as im only 1 day late ? or should iiwait another week or 2 and should i buy a firat response hpt instead?....

Thxx for the replies ?