Evil Maca Root Pills??????

Daisy??? • Mother of two?cant wait for number three

So I say about the beginning of the year

I started to look up a pill called maca root I want my Hormones to level out I first seen the pill on YouTube alot of people say its good for you an it makes your hormones go back to normal after having kids

I talked to my boyfriend to see if its and good idea to buy we both said let's look into an keep doing research on it

So about a month I did my research I even found out it helps you get a bigger butt an helps with TTC

It increases your fertility an make you more fertile

So I finally said okay IMA go get it

I got it from GNC store

I started to take it at first every thing was fine I was only getting bad headaches which was fine because I get them anyways!!!!

Next I started to get real emotional an mean cranky uneasy feeling

And instead of my sex drive going up it dropped so low to the point if my boyfriend touched me I'll to completely turn off by him

Next thing I noticed I bleed a lot?

I say about a hold month straight I start to notice that not Normal for me

I told my boyfriend it was my body getting use to the pills

I finally stop bleeding an I started to get dizzy spells

My boyfriend an grandfather told me to go to the doctor an I kept telling them I'm find I just need more water

The next couple of days I started to bleed an I knew my period wasn't due yet it wasn't a heavy flow more of a really lite flow

I went to the Dr an she asked me have I been taking anything I told her maca root pills she looked at me an asked why so I explain to her every in horror I found out macs root is a blood thinner an it can do some serious damage to make you bleed way more than u supposed to

When she told me this I regret buying it

It took three to four month for my body to get on track

Only thing I gained from it was a bigger butt hehehe but it wasnt worth it

Warning ⚠ do not take macs root please!!!!!!