Okay so I recently was admitted to the hospital due to right side pain after many tests what turned out to be a mass on my right ovary. They did a lot of blood work along with urine samples. 
I got a call the day after the hospital saying I tested positive for chlamydia to come get a RX immediately. 
Which I did so.... 
Before anyone starts any thinking one of us cheated which is nearly impossible due to our schedules an being newly weds- we can't keep our hands off of each other so gives me no reason to think it came from him. 
So I know it came from me possibly last year when we split before we got married... So I've had this STD for a year now gone untreated without showing any symptoms what so ever... My only concern is how long is too long, bec I am aware that it can cause perm damage and fertility issues. 
I am posting this anonymously, due to the fact I am no where near proud of this at ALL. 
Just wondering if anyone has had this  And had it gone untreated. 
I have been to the doc just forgot to ask him how long is too long before it causes damage.