Hepatitis C Virus Antibodies Test Positive

A few weeks ago I gave blood at a Red Cross blood drive. I got a letter saying they didn't accept my blood because it tested positive for hepatitis c virus (HCV) antibody. They do two tests for HCV and the second was negative. I have no risk factors for HCV (no drug use, never gotten a blood transfusion, never had unprotected sex). Basically it's highly unlikely I've ever come into contact with the virus. I've read into it a little and it is more likely I had some other kind of infection my body was fighting off and these anti-bodies reacted with the test. This is known as "cross-reactive". The antibodies I have likely have a similar shape to HCV antibodies. Apparently this is very rare but can happen. I was curious to know if anyone else has experienced this or heard of someone who this happened to. They said I can try to give blood again in 6 months however it is likely to come back positive for the rest of my life.