A question about my next period?

Hey Glow gals! I have a question, and am hoping someone might be able to help me come up with an answer.

I was a late bloomer due to some hormonal problems in my body. My doctors put me on estrogen first, and they told me to wait until I got my first period. Finally, just a couple of months later, the hormones were doing what they should have, and I got my period!

When I went back, they put me on BC pills, called 'Mirvala 28' (28 pills including the week supply of sugar pills). I started my first pack, and couldn't wait for my period! I was super excited to see if the pills were really working magic on me (before, without progesterone, my second period (last before I started BC pills) lasted 9 days).

Unfortunately, I got cramps that restrained me to the bed, and had to take Gel Advils (and even wait a few hours for them to begin working!) It was bad! Not only that, but my whole 5 days of period was full of blood clots. I will admit, I was freaking out! I know they're normal, but I'm very different because of my hormone issues. I'm going back to the doctor for another checkup in two months.

I wanted to know if anyone else has experienced a similar period experience after trying one pack of pills? I just finished my second today, waiting for my second period. I'm terribly scared, I am still traumatized from my first period! And before you even think about saying anything about a miscarriage, no, I did not have one, I am not even sexually active!!! Please please share your stories, it's supposed to come any day now, and I don't know what to do!!! Sorry for the super long post, I had to give some back story before. Thank you!!!