Can you still ovulation if you could possibly have damaged tubes I've gone for test like scan for my ovaries and cervix I'm going for the dye test on the 6th of this month but since using tampon for 15 I rarely I've had the last 2 months off them and my cm was much better I hadn't seen egg white in the 34 years that why I'm going for abd tests are all ok so far blood fine I'm going out of my mind do I go to the appointment to see if my tube are ok but had sex bang on my ovulation when can you start testing to rule out or in i if your pregnant god I feel so alone i have glow thank god please please please help me I ain't great with words this month I've had a fantastic cycle this month all went like clockwork tune right in to my body even notice in sex i was so sexual but I don't know if I can still ovulate if my tube are blocked my head a mess hope some one out can help