Stay or go?

Hey ladies,
Just need a little advice...
Judgement will not be tolerated so don't bother
I'm 6w along and I just found out last Tuesday. I couldn't believe it (not planned), but we knew it was going to happen eventually or at least always talked about it so we were happy. Here's the thing, when we started dating right up until I found out we were expecting we smoked weed everyday. Now that we have a quit I don't know if I can do this with him. He only knows what it's like to quit smoking not quit smoking and be pregnant at the same time. He won't help me clean the house at all, he thinks I should be doing it. He will have an entire day off but still can't manage to get something ready for dinner when I get home from work (by that time I could pretty much eat an elephant now that I'm pregnant) and he wouldnt even drive me to emerg the other day after telehealth told me to go. All because "quitting is so hard"  and somehow this is harder for him than me? 
Any advice?