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General questions about fertility:

What is a cervical mucus (CM) check and how do I do one?
Many women find the cervical mucus check to be the best way to predict ovulation. In general, as the day of ovulation approaches in your cycle, your vaginal and cervical mucus should increase (i.e. become more moist) and the consistency should become slippery and clear (such as that of egg-whites). This type of clear, slippery CM helps sperm to move faster and to survive longer within the female’s body giving the best chance for fertilization of the egg.

You can check your CM by looking at the toilet paper after you wipe or by inserting a clean finger into your vagina and reaching toward your cervix (which is deeper inside). You're likely to find more CM if you check after a bowel movement. Some women check after they shower every day. It is helpful if you check at roughly the same time each day so that Glow can get consistent measurements.

Once you performed the test you can then enter the data by clicking the ✔ next to CM. After you click the ✔ you may then enter the appropriate values from none to sticky to slippery and from dry to damp to very wet.

REMEMBER: slippery means the consistency of egg whites while sticky can be cream colored, chunky, a gluey paste, or thick like lotion.
What is basal body temperature (BBT) and how do I take mine?
Your basal body temperature (BBT) is your lowest body temperature in a 24-hour period. Basal thermometers are available at most drugstores. The best time to take it is when you first wake up in the morning. Before you even get out of bed to brush your teeth or start your day, pop a basal thermometer into your mouth. It's important to try to wake up and take this reading at about the same time each morning. To do so you can set yourself a reminder in the Reminder Center of Glow Genius. Once you enter your BBT you will be able to see it in Charts Center within Glow Genius.

Basal thermometers are available at most drugstores. Once you enter your BBT you will be able to see it in Charts Center within Glow Genius.

My BBT did not save - what am I doing wrong?
Please make sure to hit BOTH the “Done” button after you enter your BBT on the calculator as well as the “Save” button at the top of the log. Both are essential. If you do not hit the “Done” button, your information will not be saved.
What is an ovulation test?
Ovulation kits and fertility monitors help further determine your expected ovulation by reading the luteinizing hormone (LH) in your urine. They look and work in a very similar fashion to pregnancy tests. We recommend the Advanced Digital Ovulation Tests from ClearBlue. These tests are up to 99% accurate and help in identifying up to 4 fertile days, twice as many as any other ovulation test.

Questions about Glow App:

What do the colors in the Calendar mean?
Colors in the calendar indicate that a certain day is a fertile day, a period day, or neither.

A day colored pink is an expected period day and a day colored green is an expected fertile window day. All other days are colored blue or not colored depending on your calendar view. Days in the future will be colored with our best guess based on the data you’ve given us and our algorithms.
How do I know when my next fertile window will be?
Your next fertile window is indicated by the calendar. You can flip through to future days or pull down the calendar for monthly view.

In either view, the next “green” colored day will be your fertile window and should contain an estimate of your chance of conception on that day.
I can’t see my fertile window. Why is that?
Glow decides whether or not to display your fertile window based on your birth control method. For example, if you're on the pill, Glow would not display your fertile window because the hormones in the pill are preventing you from ovulating and having a fertile window.
How do I log data?
You may log data by clicking 'Complete Log' in main screen. Simply tap on the ✔ or the ✘ on the data entry form to enter and fill out any additional data from the drop-down menu.

For example: if you feel stressed, click on the ✔ next to “emotional discomfort”. Then choose from the specific list of symptoms in the drop-down menu.

If you did not feel any symptoms then you may click the ✘ to indicate as such.

Some items such as ovulation tests and pregnancy tests, you can first choose the brand of ovulation test. And then simply click the image that best fits what you see on your actual physical test. For example, if you see a smiley face. Click a smiley face.

Other items such as weight and temperature require data entry of numerical amounts. For these items, the app will automatically show the last data entered. You may click on the number to indicate that the number has remained the same for today.

My period was late/early this month. How do I change my period information?
In the iOS app, you can edit your period by clicking the Period button on the top right corner of the Home page.

In the Android app, click the “Edit Period” button on the center right of the Home page.

Both of these steps will take you to the Period Log, where you can:
  • Edit a cycle by tapping on a pink period. Simply drag and drop the little blue circles until your information is correct.
  • Add a cycle by tapping on the date the cycle began.
  • Click the “My period is late” button at the bottom of the screen, if your period is late.
My period is not supposed to start for a few days but the app won’t let me delete my current period. What is going on?
To maintain the accuracy of our algorithms, you cannot delete your very next expected period. However, if your period is a few days late, you can simply push it out in the app, day by day, until Glow and your period are back in sync. We realize that this is less than ideal, and we are looking into better approaches to this problem.
How do I change my initial data?
You can change your initial data in the Setting tab under the ‘Me’ menu. However please know that Glow is an app based on data science. It will learn from the information you put in and change your average period days and average cycle length so that it best represents your actual cycles. In that sense, you should not have to tinker too much with the initial information.
I would really like to use the metric system. Can I do that?
Yes. In the log if you click the blue F button in the ‘Update BBT’ line – it will become a C, and your measurements will then be in celsius. Likewise, if you click the IN/LB button in the ‘Update BMI’ line it will turn into CM/KG and you will be able to keep track of your weight in kilograms and measure your height in centimeters.
Where is Glow Genius? What is it?
Glow Genius is sort of like the command center of Glow. It’s the center icon at the bottom of the app. Within Glow Genius you will be able to access your charts, including your weight, calorie, nutrition and cycle charts. You will also be able to see a summary of your past cycles. Most importantly, you will get daily insights into your health.
I had a miscarriage. How do I start using Glow again?
We’re so sorry to hear about your miscarriage. We understand how devastating that can be. If you have been using Glow Nurture on iOS, you can change your status to "Healing from loss" by navigating to the Me page and clicking "Choose another status." This new setting will provide you with a supportive Nurture experience that we hope will help you through this difficult time.

We are working on bringing the “Healing from loss” status to Glow Nurture on Android, but in the meantime, we encourage you to email us at support@glowing.com so we can make sure your account is ready for future pregnancies.

When you’re ready to return to Glow, sign back into the app and change your status to “Trying to conceive” on the Me page.

If you have any further questions about your transition, please reach out to us at support@glowing.com.
What do all the acronyms mean? TTC, BBT, CM? It’s confusing.
The fertility community very much has its own lingo. We have used several of these acronyms in Glow. Here they are in no specific order:

TTC - Trying to Conceive

DPO - Days Past Ovulation - used to keep track of the days of the luteal phase.

BBT - Basal Body Temperature - Your basal body temperature (BBT) is your lowest body temperature in a 24-hour period.

OPK - Ovulation Predictor Kits - These are test strips you can buy at a pharmacy that you use to determine when you are about to ovulate. Recently there are more advanced digital versions.

HPT - Home Pregnancy Test – These are hormone tests that you can take at home to determine if you are pregnant.

CD - Cycle Day - indicates what cycle day you are currently on. CD 1 is the first day of your period.

CM - Cervical Mucus - Every woman produces cervical mucus. It is a discharge that can vary throughout the cycle. It can be tacky, sticky, egg white, and lotion like. It can be clear, white, and sometimes yellow tinged. Many women find the cervical mucus check to be the best way to predict ovulation.

EWCM - Egg White Cervical Mucus - The increase in estrogen around ovulation causes a female's body to produce an abundant amount of cervical mucus. This creates a sperm friendly environment that is ideal for conception.

LH - Luteinizing Hormone - This is the hormone that surges causing ovulation. It is what OPKs check for.

HCG - Human Chorionic Gonadotropin - This hormone is what a HPT tests for. It is the pregnancy hormone.

Luteal Phase – Most women have a consistent period of time between ovulation and their period. This is identified as your luteal phase.
I would like to import my data from other apps. Can I do that?
Yes, you can! Glow is connected with six of the world’s top health apps, including:
  • MyFitnessPal
  • Jawbone UP (on iOS only)
  • Fitbit (on iOS only)
  • Misfit (on iOS only)
  • Apple’s iOS Health app (on iOS only)
  • Google Fit (on Android only)
To connect your favorite health app to Glow, go to the Me page and click “Connect with health apps”.
I want to track my medication/supplements on the app. Can I do that?
Yes, you can! Open up your Daily Health Log, scroll to the bottom and click the “Medication List” button. From there you can add a new medication or supplement and even set yourself a reminder so you remember to take it!
I want to delete my account. How do I do that?
Just contact us by tapping on the "Send feedback" button on the Me tab in the app. Put "Delete Account" in the subject, and we'll then follow up with you to confirm the request. Then delete the app from your phone, and you're all set.
I’m pregnant. Is there anything I should do with the app?
Congratulations!!! We wish you a healthy and happy pregnancy!

And yes, please do tell us about your pregnancy. You can do so in the ‘Me’ page. Click the ‘I’m pregnant’ link. When you do so, you will be given an opportunity to share your story. We love hearing about the joy of our users. You will also be able to update the settings of your app such that you no longer receive any fertility related notifications.

Questions about Connecting your Partner:

What are the benefits of connecting to your partner?
Achieving your reproductive goals is a team effort. Glow’s Partner connection is especially helpful for couples who are trying to conceive, as the feature provides hints and about actions that each partner can take day-to-day to improve his/her fertility—improving the chances of conceiving quickly.

Features include:
  • Daily health logs for both female and male partners
  • Tailored insights to help each of you to learn about how your daily lifestyle decisions from alcohol consumption to underwear choices, impact your fertility.
  • Your own Health Profiles and weight, calorie, and nutrition tracking charts.
  • Shared alerts on ovulation day, period start and end dates, and throughout the fertile window.
  • Shared access to your percent chance of getting pregnant and cycle calendar.
How do I add my partner?
If you’re a female partner, add your partner by navigating to the Me page of your app and clicking the navy “Add your Partner” circle on the top of the page. You’ll be prompted to enter your partner’s name and email address. Once you do so, your partner will receive an email with further instructions.

If you’re a male partner, ask your partner to connect you through the steps listed above. If you created an account before you were invited by your partner, you will need to create a new account as your follow your invitation’s instructions.
How do I disconnect my partner?
You can disconnect your partner by navigating to the Me page of your app and clicking on your partner’s circular icon on the top of the page.
Can my partner see all of the information I enter?
No, your partner will receive a few highlights from your daily log on their Home page, but certain entries will remain private to you. As you fill out your daily log, the items that will not be shared with your partner are denoted with the “Hidden from partner” icon in the upper righthand corner.

For female partners, hidden logs include:
  • Menstrual flow levels
  • Cervical Mucus
  • Pregnancy tests
  • Cervical positioning
  • Weight
For male partners, hidden logs include:
  • Erection difficulties
  • Masturbation
  • Exposure to heat sources, such as baths and saunas
  • Weight
What else is shared with my partner?
The male partner also has access to:
  • The female partner’s cycle calendar, including her period days, fertile window, and the calculated chance of pregnancy of each fertile day on the Home page.
  • The female partner’s cycle chart and cycle summary on the Glow Genius page.
  • Reminders about her period and fertile window start dates.
Neither partner has access to the other’s Weight, Calorie and Nutrition Charts or Insights. Those features are all specific to your data, not your partner’s.
Do we each have our own Health Profile?
Yes! Now you can both create your own Health Profile.
Do both partners have access to the community?
Yes! The Glow Community is open to everyone. However, male partners will have access initially to only a few specific groups - such as “Glow Couples” and “Men’s Health.” They can however, choose to join other groups at will, the same as all Glow users.
I’m in a same-sex relationship. Can I connect to my female partner?
Yes! Glow supports same sex partners by giving the second partner to join Glow access to the first partner’s daily logs and health information. Simply follow the instructions described above for adding a partner. The second partner will have the option to indicate she’s female when she creates her account through her invitation. If both partners want to track their cycles and fill out daily logs on Glow, then the second partner should create her own, independent account.
I’d like to partner with a female family member or friend, instead of a male partner. Is that possible?
Yes! Simply follow the instructions described above for adding a partner. Your female partner will have the option to indicate she’s female when she creates her account through your invitation. She will then have access to your daily logs and health information.
I am male and created my own Glow Account before receiving an invitation from my partner. My daily log is for a female. How do I change this?
You’ll need to set up a new account via an invitation from your partner. Ask your partner to download the app, set up an account and send you a partner invitation. You’ll need to provide her with a different email address than the one you used for your first account. Then, follow the instructions in the email to set up a new account.

If you’ve already connected your incorrect account to your female partner, please contact support@glowing.com for assistance. We’ll help you switch your accounts’ gender assignments.

Questions about Glow First:

What is Glow First and how does it work?
Glow First is for couples who are sure they want to have a baby as soon as possible. If, for some reason, you do not get pregnant using the Glow app, Glow First provides you with the ability to get a much cheaper infertility screening to see if something is wrong. It’s a way to share the risk of infertility with other couples that are going through the process of trying to start families. You contribute money each month to Glow First. At the end of 10 months the entire fund (plus possible matching contributions) will be split amongst those who are not pregnant. If you get pregnant within 10 months then your money goes towards those who were not so fortunate.
My partner and I have previously received infertility treatment. Can we still participate in Glow First?
Glow First is a non-profit program. That means we never keep a dime of the money. But Glow First is also a program meant for couples just starting out on this journey, couples who do not yet know if they will have any issues with infertility, couples who have the luxury of waiting ten months before they see a doctor.

According to your question, you have passed this point in your quest for conception. We feel that it would be a disservice to you to make you wait an additional ten months to get treatment. And it would be a disservice to other participants to include couples into the program who have already sought treatment for infertility.

Please know that our ultimate aim is to use the knowledge that we gain from Glow First to help find financial solutions for all couples.
How do I get my grant at the end of 10 months?
Your grant will be paid once you have uploaded proof of your initial fertility screening at one of the approved facilities. Your grant will be paid directly to the approved facility of your choice.
How do I sign up for Glow First?
You can apply using the app. We will let you know once your application has been reviewed.
I am in another country outside of US. Can I join Glow First?
No, not at this time. We are currently only rolling out Glow First in the United States. However, we have every intention of expanding internationally as soon as we can. Especially if we see a strong demand from our international users. In the meantime, the Glow app is available and free for our international user.
Is Glow First available on Android?
Glow First is not yet available on Android, but we're working to make that happen as soon as possible!

Questions about Shady Grove and Boston IVF:

When will the integration be available?
As soon as possible. We are working closely with both clinics to make sure the adjustments meet both their needs and yours. It’s a comprehensive process and we want to make sure we get it right.
What does this mean for me if I am a patient at these centers?
Receiving a fertility treatment can be both overwhelming, stressful and also, exciting. For many, it’s the next step on an already long journey. By combining Glow’s comprehensive tracking abilities with the personal touch provided at these world-class clinics, we hope to put you in control of your treatment. You will be able to use Glow to keep track of all your appointments, medications, and any pre-treatment testing. You will have one-touch access to a beautifully-designed print-out of your treatment calendar. In essence, you will be able to use Glow as a depository of all the information thrown your way and as well as a check-list of items yet-to-be completed. And of course, you will have access to a in-app community of women who are receiving treatments at the same center as you, so that you can get the support you need, when you need it most.
What does this integration mean for me if I am a patient at another center?
First, please do let us know if you would like Glow to partner with your fertility clinic by filling out this form. We are selectively looking for partners across different regions of the country and would be happy to consider your clinic.

Second, our integration with these fertility clinics will only serve to improve your experience with Glow. You will have access to a much more comprehensive pre-treatment checklist as well as a better user experience in setting up your appointments, notifications and medication reminders. Likewise, you will have access to a beautiful and intuitive PDF treatment calendar. We hope that these changes will make Glow more indispensable to your journey.
How will my Glow app change?
The integration will only affect users who are trying to conceive using medical treatments, such as IUI or IVF. In those cases, your app will become slightly more comprehensive and customizable. Otherwise, you will see no change.

Questions about the Web Community:

Why did you move the Glow community to the web?
We have received notes from countless community members, asking if there are ways to make the Glow Community available on the web. After months of hearing this feedback, we decided to take the plunge. Our hope is that a web version of the community will help make the information and advice that abounds in our community accessible to a broader audience, and that it will help more people take control of their reproductive health.

Currently the community is only visible on the web. However, to comment or post, you must download our app. In the future, we hope to make the community fully functional on the web.
Who can see Glow Community on Web?
The Glow Community on Web is visible to anybody who visits the Glow website. That said, people must contribute to the community via the Glow app.
What does this mean for my privacy?
Because the Glow Community on Web will attract a broad audience, Glow has taken precautions to protect the privacy of our community members on the web. Instead of having full first name and profile photo visible as they are on the mobile community, community members on the web will only be identified via the first two letters of their first name.
Will my private groups be on the Web?
No. Any private group, designated as such in the title of the group, will not visible on the Web. If you would like to designate your group as private, and it is not yet so, please email your request to support@glowing.com. Please include the current name of your group and the name of its topic tab (e.g. General Pregnancy).
How can I contribute to the web community?
Community members contribute to the web community through the “Community” section in the Glow app. Within the app, community members can create new posts, create and join groups, comment on topics, like comments, and opt to share what they see via email or social media.
Who is part of the Glow online Community?
The Glow online community is made out of Glow users who have participated in our non-private forums. If your cycle buddy group is marked private, it will not be visible online. Likewise, if you have never written a comment or posted a poll or a topic in our in-app community, you will not be part of our online community.