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What is Glow First™?

Infertility affects many couples and medical treatment can quickly become a financial drain. By participating in Glow First, couples who have been trying to get pregnant for 10 months will have the financial help they need to seek answers.

How does it work?

Glow First is a not-for-profit program that helps make treatment affordable by letting you “pool” your risk with a large group of healthy couples. Make a small investment in your future family, with big rewards. Like so:

What you MUST KNOW before you apply

• Glow First is a not-for-profit program for couples who just started to embark on their conception journey. For some, time is of the essence and we recommend those couples to seek treatment right away instead of waiting ten months.

• When you get pregnant, your contributions stop. The money you have contributed to that point, will be used to help other couples get pregnant

• You must remain an active user of our daily log for all 10 months, or until you get pregnant

• After 11 months, Glow First will pay an accredited infertility clinic (check list) of your choice when you submit proof of your medical costs

• The Glow First fund is yours. We will never take a cut of your money. Every penny coming in will eventually be distributed out again to couples seeking help for infertility

• Therefore, there are no refunds for contributions

How to apply?

You may only apply within our app. Download Glow from the App Store or Google Play today! Once you’re signed up, go to Glow First and click Apply!

What is Glow for Enterprise?

It is a partnership between Glow and employers that helps employees engage in active family planning and even fund fertility treatments, if need be. Glow for Enterprise is 100% confidential for employees, we will never share personal information with employer partners.

Why should your company partner with Glow?

• Your company will instantly be known as an innovative and progressive employer (Check out our existing partners)

• Your company will be on the forefront of healthcare benefits -- your employees will be using the Glow app, which is a powerful reproductive health & family planning tool

• Your employees will gain FREE membership to Glow First™ - our not-for-profit crowdfunding program that helps make fertility treatments more affordable

• Your employees will be empowered to take charge of their reproductive health, and better plan their families and careers

How can your company apply?

To learn more about what Glow for Enterprise can do for your organization, leave us a message below!

Your identity will be kept 100% confidential