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Questions About Fertility Treatment

What is the Fertility Treatment status and who should use it?

The Fertility Treatment status is designed for anyone currently 1) undergoing fertility treatment, 2) considering treatment after having an initial consultation with a physician, or 3) having intercourse with fertility medications.

This status enables you to use Glow to keep track of all your appointments, medications, and any pre-treatment testing. You will have one-touch access to a beautifully designed print-out of your treatment calendar. In essence, you will be able to use Glow as a depository of all the information thrown your way and as well as a check-list of items yet-to-be completed.

Please note that if you're taking fertility medications such as Clomid but aren't receiving HcG shots from a Reproductive Endocrinologist (RE), the "Trying to Conceive" status may be a better fit for you. You can read more here.

I haven’t scheduled a start date for my fertility treatment. What should I input when setting up the app?

If you are not sure when your treatment is going to start, input a fake placeholder date when onboarding the app. You can update it later by navigating to the Me page and clicking on “History” next to the “Fertility Treatment” status.

Also, know that your fertility treatment start date is always the expected start date of your next period. Even if you are taking medications prior to the start of your period, your treatment cycle will still begin on this day. However, please note that editing your period once it arrives will not adjust the start date of your cycle. You'll need to update it in your Me page, as described above.

Why can't I see my fertile window under the Fertility Treatment status?

The fertile window is not on constant display for those undergoing fertility treatments. Instead, we will display a fertile window once you log an hCG shot in your fertility log. That's our signal to display your fertile window, since the hCG shot causes you to ovulate within 40 hours of the injection.

If you are not receiving hCG shots from a Reproductive Endocrinologist (RE), but selected the "Fertility Treatment" status because you're taking other fertility medications, such as Clomid, our regular "Trying to Conceive" status might be a better fit. Under that status, you will be able to see your fertile window at all times. However, please be aware that Clomid (and drugs like it) alter your cycle and render our fertility percentages inaccurate. Because of this, we suggest that you closely monitor your cycle by taking your BBT and/or OPKs, so we can maximize the accuracy of your fertile window prediction.

Why can’t I see my fertility percentages under the Fertility Treatment status?

The fertility percentages of a woman undergoing fertility treatments can vastly vary depending on the treatment. Our medical team recommended we remove the current percentages to avoid confusion about your true chances during a treatment cycle.

How do I change my treatment cycle start and end dates?

You can also change your cycle start and end dates by going to your Me page > clicking "History" on the right of your "Fertility Treatment" status > clicking "Edit" and tapping on the dates you'd like to edit.

Can I change or edit the information I inputted when setting up the Fertility Treatment status for myself?

Yes, all of this information can be edited in the “Fertility testing and work up” or “Health Profile” on the Me page. These are the spaces to include all of your treatment details and medical history.

You can also change your cycle start and end dates by going to your Me page > clicking "History" on the right of your "Fertility Treatment" status > clicking "Edit" and tapping on the dates you'd like to edit.

Why isn’t my fertility clinic included on the list of centers under “Who are you seeing?”

Right now, Glow is partnered with Boston IVF, Shady Grove Fertility, and RMA NY clinics. We are selectively looking for more partners across different regions of the country and would be happy to consider your clinic. Please do let us know if you would like Glow to partner with your clinic by filling out this form.

Our integration with these fertility clinics serve to improve your experience with Glow. You will have access to a much more comprehensive pre-treatment checklist as well as a better user experience in setting up your appointments, notifications and medication reminders. Likewise, you will have access to a beautiful and intuitive PDF treatment calendar. We hope that these changes will make Glow more indispensable to your journey.

Can I track my fertility treatment medications/supplements on the app?

Yes! You can choose from a list of medications and add any to your list in your Daily Log. If you’re using the Fertility treatment status, you can also add medications to your Fertility Treatment Log as well--these two log locations sync with each other, so you don’t have to worry about redundant data. At the bottom of these logs, you will find the “Medication List,” which can be customized according to your regimen.

Why can I no longer see my BBT chart in my PDF export when my status is set to Fertility Treatment?

We no longer export a BBT chart for users under the "Fertility treatment" status, since fertility medications disrupt your BBT and make BBT tracking difficult. If you'd like to track your BBT and use it as the key indicator of ovulation, we suggest switching to the "Trying to conceive" status. 
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