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Questions About Glow Baby

Does my Premium membership connect to my partner’s account as well?

Unfortunately, Premium subscriptions cannot be shared. Premium memberships apply to one account and should be used on the primary user’s account. That way, the primary user can edit all necessary information like caregivers and access Premium articles!

Do I have to have a Premium subscription to add a caregiver?

In order to add a second caregiver (your profile plus one additional user), a Premium membership is required. Check out this article to learn more about what is included in a Premium membership.

How do I disconnect a caregiver?

To disconnect a caregiver, click on your ‘More’ page, and then ‘Edit’ next to your baby’s name at the top. From there, you can scroll down to the ‘Caregivers’ section and click ‘Disconnect’ next to the name of the caregiver you’d like to delete.

What is Glow Baby?

Glow Baby will help you track all aspects of your baby’s care – from bottle feeds, to breastfeeding, to diaper changes, sleep schedules, developmental milestones, medication and growth charts. Glow Baby has it all and is a trusted resource for new parents!

You can download the app here.

What features are available on Glow Baby?

Glow Baby offers all of the following features and more:
+ Track baby’s feeding, bottles, milestones, poops, pees, sleep and more
+ Take notes on moments that matter, upload photos about baby
+ Check off baby's developmental milestones as sanctioned by the CDC
+ Connect with other parents in our in-app community to discuss your baby
+ Read daily articles about milestones and feeding and more from Baby 411™
+ Receive customized insights delivered on your baby’s milestones and development
+ Support multiple children at once


I use Glow or Glow Nurture, will my data be transferred to Glow Baby?

If you already have a Glow account, your basic information (name, email, birthdate, etc) should be carried over. If you have a Nurture account, details from your Nurture baby profile (due date, birthday, name, sex) will be transferred as well. To transfer your data, simply login to Glow Baby with the same email and password as you used with Glow!

I haven't had my baby yet, can I still use Glow Baby app?

Yes. When you add a new baby you will be asked if the baby has been born yet. If they haven't, please tap 'On the way' when prompted. You'll be able to play around with the app to get used to it.

Then, when your baby is born, simply head to your Me page and tap on their profile to indicate 'Baby's Born'.

How do I indicate that my baby was born in Glow Baby?

If you indicated that your baby is "On the way" when you set up Glow Baby, you'll need to tell us when your baby is born! Simply head to your Me page and tap on their profile to indicate "Baby's Born."

How can I edit/delete my logs in Glow Baby?

To update logged sleep, meals, or diaper changes head to your Home page and tap "View all history" to pull up your log history chart. 

Tap on any log icon and click the edit button that pops up on the lower right to edit the log or click the trash icon right next to it to delete it.

To quickly edit logs in List view,
simply swipe the entry you would like to edit to the left. You should see the option to edit or delete the log.

What are milestones and how to do I log them?

We have preloaded the first year of developmental milestones, as specified by the CDC, in the app. To log a milestone, head to the Home page and tap 'Add moments' in the upper right corner. Then, tap the circle next to the moment to indicate it has occurred.

You can add a photo to document the milestone as well!

How can I add or remove a milestone?

To add your own milestone head to the Home tab and tap 'Add moments.' Then, tap 'Create your own' on the moments page.

To delete or edit a milestone that you have already logged, tap on the milestone card at the top of the Home page and then tap '...' in the lower right corner. 

Can I log for more than one baby in the app?

Yes! To add a baby head to your Me page > Add a new baby.

If you would like to log for a different baby, tap on your baby's name in the upper left corner to switch or head to your Me page and tap on the baby's profile who you would like to log for. 

How do I add data points to my growth charts?

The first time you open your growth charts, you will be prompted to enter your baby's birth weight, height, and head circumference. To add new data to the chart, simply tap the '+' sign in the bottom right corner. 

Can I delete information from my growth charts?

Yes, to delete a point from the growth chart graph, tap on it and then tap the trash icon in the lower right corner of the box.

Where was the information in Glow Baby sourced?

Glow Baby has partnered with the Baby 411™ – the renowned book for new parents – to give you daily articles that provide clear answers & smart advice for your baby’s first year.

How long will the content last in the Baby app?

Right now, the content in the app covers the first year of your baby's life and development. You will receive daily articles in addition to personalized insights!

How do I add my partner to Glow Baby?

To add your partner to the app, head to your Me page and tap "Add your partner" in the upper right corner of the screen. Then, follow the instructions to link your accounts (you can even send a text message alert). As soon as you've submitted your partner's email address, your accounts are linked!

To login as a partner simply download the app and tap "login." Then, enter the same email address that your partner invited and create a password. You'll be all set!

Please note: when you connect with your partner, you are adding them to a baby profile. If you have more than one baby profile, you will need to add your partner to each baby individually. For this reason, if you already have a partner in Glow or Nurture, you will need to add them again. 

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