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Questions About Glow Community

Can I upload a video of me and my friend/baby/bae to the community?

We encourage our users to try the new video feature on the community! But please make sure you have the consent of others in the video before you upload anything.

Community Article


What is Glow Community?

Glow Community is a forum shared between Eve by Glow, Glow, and Glow Nurture. It a safe, supportive place for women to talk about their sexual and reproductive health, parenting, and their lives and anything else on their minds. Check it out here!

How can I find my posts in Glow Community?

You can find all of your posts and comments by going to your Community Profile.

Open the Community, then click the circle icon with your profile photo in it on the top left-hand corner. At the top, you'll see your most popular posts and comments. Scroll further down, and you'll see all of your Community posts and replies in reverse chronological order.  

How do I find my Community Profile?

To find your community profile, first open the Community tab in the app. Then click on your profile photo or circle icon (if you haven't uploaded a profile photo yet) in the upper left-hand corner. This will take you directly to your profile. You can edit your Community profile and change your privacy settings by clicking "edit profile" in the upper right-hand corner of your profile. 

How do I report inappropriate content in Glow Community?

To report either a post, comment or reply within Glow Community, click on the “...” icon on the lower righthand corner and then select “Report this post”. This is the best way to bring inappropriate behavior to our attention because every reported post and comment is sent directly to the admins for review.

You also have the option to contact us at  to direct a message to our support center, who will pass it on to our admins. Please note that flagging the content directly is much more effective. 


How can I improve my Glow Community experience?

Everyone comes to Glow Community with different wants and needs. Here are some tips on how to get the experience you seek:

1. Customize your Groups. Click on your Community Profile so that you can remove any and all groups that aren't of interest to you. To do this, open the Community, then select "Groups." Select any group you want to leave to open it, then click the three vertical dots in the upper righthand corner and select "leave." If you want to join groups more to your taste, you can select "browse groups by interest." 

2. Use the Age Filter if you’d prefer to see only posts from women in your age group. You can do so by opening the Community and selecting the icon with three horizontal lines in the upper right hand corner and then selecting or unselecting the age groups you would like to see posts by. 

3. Report inappropriate content  by clicking the "..." button next to the post, comment or reply that bothers you. By reporting inappropriate content, you'll help empower our admins to stamp out any behavior that negatively impacts the Community, making it a better experience for you and the Community as a whole. 

4. Block users that detract from your Community experience. To block someone, click on their name to pull up their Community Profile, click the little down arrow next to the "Follow" button and then select "Mute".

Why can't I upload photos to Glow Community or change my profile picture?

If you're using an iOS phone or tablet, and you're unable to upload photos, you may need to check your app permissions to make sure that our app is allowed to access your photos. 

Just go to your phone settings, and then scroll down to the app and select it. Once you've selected it, you should see the list of requested permissions and should be able to enable any that have been disabled. 

What does upvote mean? And what happens when I click the thumbs down?

Upvote means you find the content helpful, interesting, amusing, etc. It's your way of saying you like it and want to see more content like it! The thumbs down button is for downvoting. It means you think the content detracts from Glow Community because it's offensive or irrelevant.

Your upvotes will push interesting content to the top of the page, meanwhile your downvotes will push them down.
If a post or comments receives enough downvotes it'll be hidden by the message “Hidden due to downvotes” and will not be visible unless clicked upon. But please take note: Downvotes should be used only for irrelevant or offensive comments, and not ideas you simply disagree with. In fact, don’t be afraid to upvote a comment you disagree with if you think it is furthering the discussion. 

The purpose of this feature is to help you quickly surface interesting, helpful content, while simultaneously burying objectionable, offensive content. It's your Community, your call!

How do I follow people in the Glow Community?

To follow someone in the Community, tap on their name to open their Community Profile and click Follow. You can see everyone you follow by going to your Community profile, and clicking "following."

How do I delete a post in Glow Community?

To delete a post of yours, click the "..." icon on the bottom right of your post and select "Delete this post."

If you need to find your post first, you can find all of your previous Community activity by going to your Community profile. 

How do I block someone on Glow Community?

To block someone, click on their name to pull up their Community Profile, click the little down arrow next to the "Follow" button and then select "Mute." This will hide their comments and posts, and prevent them from seeing any of your posts or comments. 

To unblock someone, open the Community tab, click the three horizontal lines in the upper righthand corner, and select "Muted users."  From there you will be able to unblock anyone you previously blocked. 

How do I see the comments in chronological order?

Comments are sorted by their number of upvotes by default so you can see the best comments first. 

However, if you'd like to sort comments by time instead, you can do so by clicking on the comment number at the top of the thread and selecting "Sort by Time."


How do I invite someone to a group in Glow Community?

To do this, click on their name to open their Community Profile.

Next, click the down arrow next to the Follow button, click "Invite to a group" and select a group. 

Note: This feature is currently unavailable in Android

I posted a discussion and it disappeared. Where did it go?

If you're unable to find your post in a specific room, we may have moved it to a different room. 

If you click a link to your post and it just loads and loads, the post was likely deleted by our admins. 

You can always find your posts by navigating to your Community Profile. Just pull down on the posts to reveal the top bar and click the circular icon on the top lefthand corner in iOS or the top righthand corner on Android.

How do I bookmark a post? Where do I find my bookmarked posts?

You can bookmark any discussion you have an interest in, so as to easily access it from your Community Profile. Just click on the little bookmark icon at the top right corner of the discussion. When it is filled in – that means you have bookmarked it. Tap it again, and you have removed the bookmark.

To find bookmarked posts, navigate to your Community Profile and go to your Bookmarked tab. 

To find your Community Profile, first tap on the Community tab in the app. T
hen if you're on iOS, click the circle icon on the top lefthand corner. In Android, click the three vertical dots on the upper right and then click "Profile."


Why don’t I get a notification every time someone answers me?

We don't want to overwhelm you with notifications, so we've built in some limits. If your post gets super popular, for example, we'll bundle your notifications a bit and alert you only after you've received several new comments or upvotes. 

Can I create my own group in Glow Community?

Yes, if we're missing a group, you can create one! Just go to the search bar in the Community, and switch your search to "groups" by clicking on "groups." The search for your group, and if you can't find anything, scroll down and you'll find the option to create your own group.

Note that all groups must adhere to the Glow Community rules. If you need a post pinned up, or your group name edited, please email us at

Why did you move the Glow community online?

We have received notes from countless community members, asking if there are ways to make the Glow Community available on the web. After months of hearing this feedback, we decided to take the plunge. Our hope is that a web version of the community will help make the information and advice that abounds in our community accessible to a broader audience, and that it will help more people take control of their reproductive health.

Currently the community is only visible on the web. However, to comment or post, you must download our app. In the future, we hope to make the community fully functional on the web.

Who can see Glow Community online?

The Glow Community on Web is visible to anybody who visits the Glow website. 

What steps has Glow taken to protect my privacy in Glow Community on Web?

Instead of having your full first name and profile photo visible as they are on the mobile community, community members on the web will only be identified via the first two letters of their first name.

Will my private Community groups be online?

No. Any private group, designated as such in the title of the group, will not visible on the Web. If you would like to designate your group as private, and it is not yet so, please email your request to Please include the current name of your group and the name of its topic tab (e.g. General Pregnancy).

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