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Questions About Glow Fertility Partnership

What does this mean for me if I am a patient at these centers?

Receiving a fertility treatment can be both overwhelming, stressful and also, exciting. For many, it’s the next step on an already long journey. By combining Glow’s comprehensive tracking abilities with the personal touch provided at these world-class clinics, we hope to put you in control of your treatment. You will be able to use Glow to keep track of all your appointments, medications, and any pre-treatment testing. You will have one-touch access to a beautifully-designed print-out of your treatment calendar. In essence, you will be able to use Glow as a depository of all the information thrown your way and as well as a check-list of items yet-to-be completed. And of course, you will have access to a in-app community of women who are receiving treatments at the same center as you, so that you can get the support you need, when you need it most.

What does this integration mean for me if I am a patient at another center?

First, please do let us know if you would like Glow to partner with your fertility clinic by filling out this form. We are selectively looking for partners across different regions of the country and would be happy to consider your clinic. 

Second, our integration with these fertility clinics will only serve to improve your experience with Glow. You will have access to a much more comprehensive pre-treatment checklist as well as a better user experience in setting up your appointments, notifications and medication reminders. Likewise, you will have access to a beautiful and intuitive PDF treatment calendar. We hope that these changes will make Glow more indispensable to your journey.

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