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Questions About Glow First

What is Glow First and how does it work?

Glow First is for couples who are sure they want to have a baby as soon as possible. If, for some reason, you do not get pregnant using the Glow app, Glow First provides you with the ability to get a much cheaper infertility screening to see if something is wrong. It’s a way to share the risk of infertility with other couples that are going through the process of trying to start families. You contribute money each month to Glow First. At the end of 10 months the entire fund (plus possible matching contributions) will be split amongst those who are not pregnant. If you get pregnant within 10 months then your money goes towards those who were not so fortunate.

My partner and I have previously received infertility treatment. Can we still participate in Glow First?

Glow First is a non-profit program. That means we never keep a dime of the money. But Glow First is also a program meant for couples just starting out on this journey, couples who do not yet know if they will have any issues with infertility, couples who have the luxury of waiting ten months before they see a doctor.

According to your question, you have passed this point in your quest for conception. We feel that it would be a disservice to you to make you wait an additional ten months to get treatment. And it would be a disservice to other participants to include couples into the program who have already sought treatment for infertility.

Please know that our ultimate aim is to use the knowledge that we gain from Glow First to help find financial solutions for all couples.

How do I get my grant at the end of 10 months?

Your grant will become available to you at the end of your ten months. So if you joined Glow First in January, your grant will become available to you on November 1st. At that point, the app will allow you to submit proof of your infertility screening and subsequent fertility treatments through the app. We'll then process those submissions as claims and use your grant to pay your approved clinic directly.

How do I sign up for Glow First?

You can apply using the app. We will let you know once your application has been reviewed.

When will I find out the amount of my Glow First grant?

Once you sign up and are approved for participation in Glow First, you will be able to see your estimated grant amount within the Me page > Glow First section of your app. Once your ten months are up, you'll be able to see the final amount on this page as well. The grant estimate is based on the size of your cohort and an estimation of the number of participants who will get pregnant over the course of the ten months.

I am in another country outside of US. Can I join Glow First?

No, not at this time. We are currently only rolling out Glow First in the United States. However, we have every intention of expanding internationally as soon as we can. Especially if we see a strong demand from our international users. In the meantime, the Glow app is available and free for our international user.

Is Glow First available on Android?

Glow First is not yet available on Android, but we're working to make that happen as soon as possible!

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