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Questions About Glow Nurture

When setting up my account, I accidently entered the incorrect date for my last period and now the gestational age is wrong on the Home screen. How do I fix this?

When setting up Nurture, we ask for the date of your last period to initially estimate your due date. However, after that point, the gestational age is calculated using your due date. If you need to update the gestational age you see on the Home screen, you'll need to update your due date – to do so, head to Me>My baby’s profile & due date>Due date.

I used Nurture during my last pregnancy. How do I find that old data?

Great question! You can access your old pregnancy by downloading an export from the app. To request an export, head to the Me (iOS) or More (Android) page > Choose another status > Pregnancy records and then select the due date of your previous pregnancy. This will send a PDF of your history to your email***

***Note that sometimes the PDF can sometimes end up in your Spam/Trash folder.



What is Glow Nurture?

Glow Nurture is a beautifully designed app that gives you insights tailored to your pregnancy. We use our data science capabilities to ease your mind, quell your anxieties, and give you tips on when to take preventative steps for a healthier pregnancy. This app is not about a generic pregnancy - it is about YOUR pregnancy. 

What features are included in Glow Nurture?

Glow Nurture offers all of the following features and more:

  • Daily articles and insights about your pregnancy experience
  • Daily tracking of your pregnancy symptoms and your baby’s health
  • Checklists for everything related to your pregnancy
  • A Pregnancy 101 Guide that covers everything from diet to travel
  • Postpartum support and tracking
  • Miscarriage support and guidance

For Nurture iOS users: Integrations available with Jawbone Up, MyFitnessPal, and Apple’s Health App to track your activity levels and calories with both ease and accuracy. 

Can I transition my account to from Glow to Nurture?

Absolutely. When you log in to Nurture with your Glow email and password, your account information will sync. The best part - you will still have access to the amazing women in our community and the two apps share this feature.

How do I change how far along I am in my pregnancy on Glow Nurture?

To change your pregnancy progress, you must change your due date. To do so, either tap 'Your baby' on the Glow home tab or head to your Me page > Due date and baby profile.

How do I change the date of my last period in Glow Nurture?

Your initial due date is calculated by adding 40 weeks to the date entered as your last period date in Nurture. At the moment, you can't change the date of your last period date because it's only used to estimate your due date as you set up the Nurture app. If you need to update your pregnancy progress, you can do so by editing your due date on the Me page > Due date and baby profile

How do I change my baby's due date, nickname, or gender in Glow Nurture?

To update, either tap 'Your baby' on the Glow home tab or head to your Me page > Due date and baby profile.


How do I see future or past days on the Glow Nurture calendar?

You can do so in one of two ways. Swiping left or right, will let you move through your pregnancy day by day. Alternatively, you can swipe down to see your 42 week calendar for your entire pregnancy. 

A day with a checkmark next to it, indicates that you have filled in your log for that day.

How does the photo timelapse feature work in Glow Nurture?

This feature lets you add pictures of your bump during your pregnancy. After you have added at least 3 images, you can play the shots like a slideshow and even share them with friends and family.