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Questions About Period Tracking

I'm not concerned about my fertility right now. I just want to track my period. Should I sign up for Eve or Glow?

Great question. Both apps have a lot to offer. The short answer is that Eve is about sexual health, while Glow is about fertility.

If you’re looking for fast and easy sex and health logging, simplified period tracking, cycle trend detection and great content on Sex and Birth Control, Eve is right for you.

If you’d prefer a more comprehensive log for pinpointing your fertile window (i.e. practicing Fertility Awareness Methods) and/or tracking other components of your health, such as sleep and exercise, Glow may be a better fit.

I'm using Glow to track my period, not to get pregnant. How can I get rid of all the fertility stuff?

When you set up the app, you can indicate that you're currently avoiding pregnancy. You'll have the option to select your current birth control method too. These steps will help us tailor your health insights, daily polls, Community groups, etc. to your wants and needs. Also, if you're using the iOS app and you'd like to remove daily questions about BBT, CM and other fertility related items from your log, you can do so by clicking the gear icon on the upper right corner of the app.

How do I edit my period on Glow?

In the iOS app, you can edit your period by clicking the Period button on the top right corner of the Home page. 

In the Android app, click the “Edit Period” button on the center right of the Home page. 

Both of these steps will take you to the Period Log, where you can:
  • Edit a cycle by tapping on a pink period. Simply drag and drop the little blue circles until your information is correct.
  • Add a cycle by tapping on the date the cycle began.
  • Click the “My period is late” button at the bottom of the screen, if your period is late.

My period is not supposed to start for a few days but the app won’t let me delete my current period. What is going on?

To maintain the accuracy of our algorithms, you cannot delete your very next expected period. However, if your period is a few days late, you can simply push it out in the app, day by day, until Glow and your period are back in sync. We realize that this is less than ideal, and we are looking into better approaches to this problem.
More questions? Check out Glow's FAQs!

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