Glow and Oura Partner to Empower Women with Personalized Fertility Insights



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Glow, a leading women’s health company, today announced a partnership with Oura, the world’s most advanced sleep-tracking ring, to provide women with even more personalized fertility insights. With this integration, women can now use their Oura Ring to track their body’s natural rhythms and receive daily fertility predictions from the Glow app.

Sleep + Glow

Discover unparalleled insights into your sleep quality with Oura. Learn about your individual sleep patterns and get personalized guidance on when to start winding down to improve your sleep quality. When you integrate Oura with Glow, track your sleep patterns across cycles directly in Glow.

Stress + Glow

Your stress data syncs seamlessly into Glow – so you can bounce back faster.

Temperature Trends

Oura helps you understand how your temperature trends change during the different phases of your cycle.

Illness Detection

Be kinder to your body and take precautions in case you’re getting sick.

“We are thrilled to partner with Oura to bring together two innovative technologies that are helping women take control of their health,” said Mike Huang, CEO of Glow. “By combining the power of Glow with Oura’s advanced sleep and stress tracking technology, we can provide women with a deeper understanding of their bodies and make it even easier to achieve their reproductive goals.”

Mike Huang, CEO of Glow

Exclusive Discount for Glow Users

For a limited time, Glow users can receive a $40 discount on the purchase of an Oura Ring as well as Lifetime membership for Glow Premium.

Offer is currently only available to Glow members in California, USA. And will expand in 2024. Read more about the exclusive offer here.

About Glow

Glow is a leading women’s health company that is empowering women to take control of their health. With its award-winning app, Glow provides women with personalized fertility insights, period tracking, and educational resources. Glow has helped millions of women around the world achieve their reproductive goals.

About Oura

Oura is the world’s most advanced sleep-tracking ring. It provides a comprehensive analysis of your sleep, including sleep duration and quality, sleep stages, heart rate variability, and restfulness. It is used by athletes, CEOs, and everyday people who want to optimize their health and performance. The Oura Ring is designed to be worn 24/7 and can be used to track your sleep, workouts, and other activities. It is also water resistant and has an extended battery life of up to seven days.

We believe that this partnership will help even more women take control of their reproductive health and achieve their goals.