Beyond the Bump: Capturing Milestones with Tinybeans



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Congratulations on your new arrival! As your little one grows and changes by the day, you’ll want to capture every precious moment. But where to store all those adorable photos and videos? While social media is an option, it comes with privacy concerns and limited storage. That’s where Tinybeans comes in!

Safe Sharing for Growing Families

Tinybeans is a secure online platform designed specifically for new parents. It allows you to create a private space to share photos, videos, and milestones with loved ones, without the worries of social media. Here’s how Tinybeans can complement your Glow journey:

  • Treasured Memories, Securely Stored: Say goodbye to storage limitations! Tinybeans offers a whopping 2TB of space, enough for countless photos and videos of your little one’s adventures. Plus, their secure servers ensure your precious memories are always safe.
  • Milestone Mania: Remember that first smile, those tiny wobbly steps, or that adorable giggle? Tinybeans helps you track all these special moments with a dedicated milestone tracker. Look back and relive the magic of your child’s development.
  • Sharing Made Easy: Gone are the days of bombarding family and friends with endless social media updates. With Tinybeans, you can invite loved ones to a private album, keeping them up-to-date on your little one’s world. They’ll receive email notifications for new posts, ensuring they never miss a beat.
  • Beyond the Photos: Tinybeans offers more than just photo storage. You can create beautiful custom photo books to cherish forever. Plus, their built-in blog provides helpful and informative articles on various parenting topics, perfectly complementing your Glow experience.

A Seamless Fit for Glow Parents

As you navigate parenthood with Glow by your side, Tinybeans can be the perfect companion for capturing and sharing your baby’s journey. Here’s why:

  • Peace of Mind: Tinybeans prioritizes privacy, giving you peace of mind knowing your child’s photos are shared only with those you invite.
  • Focus on Family: By keeping your baby’s milestones and memories in a private space, you can focus on enjoying those precious moments without the pressure of social media.
  • Complementary Support: Tinybeans acts as a digital baby book, perfectly complementing the wealth of information and support you already receive from Glow.

Ready to Explore Tinybeans?

We recommend checking out Tinybeans, especially if you’re looking for a secure and private way to document your child’s amazing story. With its generous storage, milestone tracking, and easy sharing features, Tinybeans can be a valuable addition to your new parent toolkit. Remember, the early days are fleeting, so capture those precious moments and share them with the ones you love in a safe and secure way.