Post partum depression

Suffering it real bad now, day 5 from baby girl was born, and I feel so beyond low, and keep finding myself crying. But the weird part about it is, I don't even know why, I have my family around me, I had an easy delivery, I have a BEAUTIFUL 4 year old son, and just had a BEAUTIFUL wee baby girl. I am truly blessed with these two wonderful children, a family who haven't back and support me so much. And loving friends around me. Why am I feeling like this, the only one thing I can say is playing on my mind to get me down, is the fact that my baby girls dad knows she's here, he's seen pictures, and still hasn't done anything about it. He cheated on his gf with me, and still hasn't told her, said he was, before I had my daughter. But still hasn't and hasn't made any kind of contact and I think it's kind of breaking my heart for my daughter, as I look at her and think how could any dad do this, and walk away without a care 😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔 I don't want this for her. I know he's a scumbag, I know he's not a good or decent human being, I've heard so many things about him, but still I'd like my daughter to have a father. Because yes he treats women like meat with zero respect but he's a good dad to his boys and never turned his back on them, so whether. Why my little girl, our little girl. 😢😢😢😢