Lazy boyfriend?

Minnie • 19/England🌟
Everyone in my family tells me my boyfriend is lazy and I know it but I love him so much. My best friends boyfriend bought her 12 Easter eggs and made a treasure hunt for her and my boyfriend didn't even get me one Easter egg. It's not even about that, it's the principle. I always do sweet little things for him like drop him lunch at work or give him a massage after work even though I live two hours away I make such an effort to do little things for him. He hasn't bothered to visit me at college for over 6 weeks and the last few times we've seen eachother is because I went to visit him. It's such a shame because I love him so much and get along really well with his family but he just doesn't make any effort. When I've tried to bring it up with him he says I'm being ungrateful or he's too busy working. But I work TWO jobs AND go to university but still manage to make time for him? My mom always says I can do way better and deserve somebody who appreciates me more. Is she right?