Rant: wasn't allowed to "finish"

Hubby and I decided to get frisky yesterday morning. Started out with a fair amount of foreplay that led into really good sex. Hubby had told me from the start that he did not want to cum in me this time. We are ttc but we don't follow that format every single time, if that makes sense. Well here's the rant part: I started to cum and he threw me off of him because he was too close and did not want to finish so soon inside of me. Obviously my orgasm was completely ruined. And it really messed with me....I started crying. I felt almost betrayed and punished. He said he was sorry and I believe he meant it. It was so selfish of him to do that. And it makes me not want to have sex with him.

This has happened one other time and he said then that he wouldn't do it again. That was maybe a year or two ago.

Thoughts or has anyone had a similar situation?