Finding a job while pregnant: Super frustrated!! 😤

Cheyenne • I an 27 and I have a 3 year old boy, 6 year old boy, a 7 year old little girl, and 16 month old little girl
Well I had an interview today that I thought would be very promising and turned out not to be. It was a job at my local Zales. A friend of mine that is a mommy and has severe back problems works there so I asked her if they were hiring and how they felt about pregnant women. She said they were hiring and had actually JUST hired a pregnant women. Well I hurried up and did a application and got an interview a week later. The interview went great until I mentioned I was 16 weeks pregnant. She said well we have no issue with pregnant woman, EXCEPT I don't want to waste the time training you for months and then you not come back after baby is born (I had told her that I wanted a job I could come back to if they would have me) she said that since she didn't want to come back after she had her kids that I wouldn't want to either. So basically thanks but no thanks! 😧 it just makes me so annoyed.