Rainbow baby

😍😍😍 • Hi. I`m 19. 20 in June. My fiancé and I are going on 4 years. We have had 2 miscarriages. It`s been tough but I`m tryin
So I was unaware what a rainbow baby was so I googled and turns out. We are trying for a rainbow baby. We were 16 weeks and 2 days along last November and we had just found out we were having a little girl.  Her name is Clara Jane. I went to visit my aunt in her apartment and I actually tripped and landed on my belly. Trying everything I could before hitting. I broke out into hysterics and I was rushed to the ER but she was gone.  I was just at the cutoff for a d&c. It has been something I don't like taking about. But it gives me hope this baby will be my little rainbow baby. I am so hoping I get pregnant soon. Thank you all for the advice on here. Your stories of BFP give me hope.