Okay so about 2 weeks ago i went to an appointment to my GYN and i had a Vaginal ultrasound to see if any cysts were in/on my ovaries... There was none but he told me im making to many eggs and i needed to be put on a certain birthcontroltl to slow them down, and a month later he will help me get pregnant. Told me to start to pill the first day of blood. He showed me my period on the uktra sound and my periods have been normal for 3 months starting on the 20th. But i am 8 days late today and took a test yesterday and it said not pregnant. Has anyone been through this or know whats up? Thanks in advanced

Edit: i have also been crampy but no period which is unusual for me.. I feel nauseas but dont throw up. And I already have a son whos 2 also.