Just back from the emergency room....

Lydia • Baby number 3 😊

I am 14 + 2 and I started to bleed lightly at about 21.30 I also felt my cervix and it was open and low and HUGE. So I went to er......

After a long wait I got an internal exam and a scan.

Internal showed my cervix Is swollen and bleeding and irritated. I have irregular cells on it so doc said it could be down to that.

Scam showed my baby is measuring perfect she scanned it's head and I could see the sections of brain and it was all perfect. Legs are long and hands where waving.

Amazing to see my baby moving and waving. I could see bones in the hands ot was amazing.

So happy everything is ok.

Doc said bleeding from cervix can be normal so any of you ladies going through a light bleed just wanted to share xx