In law drama with my mother

So just a gist of wats going on I need to vent befor my head explodes ! I currently live with my mother with my son and fiancée and it's a small apt a lot has been going on with the drama of her and her bf always fighting to not respecting me and NOT  smokeing around me and my son plus the fact were in the middle of being told to leave our apt and with my new baby only few months away and my mom not seeming to look for another place I took it spin my self to go to my I laws for help and they offered us a place to live and my mom is litarly going nutts over it now I'm 21 I am do what I want at the end of they day but I'm tired of being told I do nothing n I'm selfish cause I'm thinking about my kids and were there gonna be better off living until I get on my own she's just upset that I'll be taken her grandson so she brings up every nasty comment she can this is causeing so much stress on me any one els haveing parent issues cause they don't like your in laws ??