Getting induced???

Kayla • 17 and proud to be a teen mom. I wouldn't change it for the world! He is my little blessing❤️
My last two appts my blood pressure was high at the doctors. My dad who is an anesthesiologist takes it at home and it is always normal. Yesterday, they told me to go do more blood work and I want to deny going as to I'm feeling very sick, terrible cough, sore throat, and a very bad stuffy nose. I really do feel like getting poked by a needle while
Being sick. Anyway, they said that if it remains high, they'll induce me which I find dumb Coz it's only ever high at the doctors. And both my parents and my pediatrician say I have something called white coat syndrome. I have mentioned before many times that it's always normal when my dad takes it. But if they do decide to induce me, what is it like??