My ex boyfriend please help

I am in love with my ex who i fell head over heals for in 2013. He came across the most lovely and sensitive person i have ever come across. When times got hard he started to become distant for example: i had a flat to move in to on my own he would constantly tell me he wasnt coming round if he had to pay for anything aka bills, i then got pregnant and he didnt want anything to do with me at all. He pushed me into getting an abortion and that was it. I was 21 at this point and he was 20. He met a 16 year old and was taking her from work home and sleeping over and i found out through a friend. He has then been meeting someone else whilst sleeping with me and promising me the world and i found out again. I saw him driving down the street with her in his car. Shed met all his family and everything. I had no idea. He was telling me then he loved me and didnt know why he was doing it. He went to the clinic for std checks behind my back and blamed me for thinking the worst as if he was only sleeping with me he would know that he has nothing im so careful and would never put anyone at risk i havent even kissed a person after breaking up i cant even talk to anyone as i know what he would say and hed manipulate me. Hes abusive and calls me every name under the sun. Says im a low life, swears at me and im at my wits end. He says nobody will love me and im beggining to believe it. Im so scared i wont meet anyone else after all he has said and done to me. Will anyone ever really want me im very anxious and suffer with my nerves i have nobody i can talk to. Please help me with your advice. Im so humiliated . Thankyou xx