Is it time to go to a doctor?


Hi! Sorry if this post ends up being long! Just want to put in as much info as I can!

So AF is officially 5 weeks late (very unusual).

Four days after AF was supposed to be here I got my first ever bfp (me and SO were pretty excited) but since then I've taken four more hpt and all have come out as bfn...

I've had light cramping here and there, but AF isn't showing up.

My SO keeps saying I must be pregnant because my lower back constantly aches, I'm always nauseous and vomiting often, foods I used to love now make me queasy (same goes for smells), I used to love sour things and now can barely eat a Sour Skittle without spitting it out because it's "too sour" (never a problem before), I am craving raisins and pomegranates like no other, and I cry (sob) at the drop of a hat.

And I've noticed I'm looking pretty bloated..

In all honesty I'm scared to go to my doctor because I feel like she'll tell me that I'm not pregnant and that tiny sliver of hope I still have will be crushed....

On the other hand I'm also worried that if I don't go it could have been a chemical pregnancy or mc that hasn't shed yet...

Anyway, any advice from those of you that read all of that?

(Again sorry it's so long!)