My story .

Brittany • Christian Mother , & wife ,baby number two Due march 27th??
I guess it takes a lot to share this with people , seeing as how it makes me look like an awful person . At least in my book it does . But I see a lot of very young girls on this forum TTC . And while I'm not the person to tell them what to do , I do feel like with my expirence and being a young mother myself I can help redirect them . At 17 years old I was in no way shape or form ready to be a mother . I went against my mothers wishes , left home to go live with my BAD A** boy friend to live in a camper .i had no idea what I was getting myself into I was still a baby myself . I hadn't ever had to take care if myself . My mom had done everything for me up until that point . Me nor john had two dimes to rub together , and what money we did manage to scrounge up went to ciggeretts , beer , and food . We were your typical 17 year olds . We had no concept of what real life was . Little did we know that a few short weeks later we were in for a rude awakening . I wasn't on any metho of birth control , not sure why it didn't occur to me that HELLO you can get pregnant. I went to go get the depo shot and fortunately I did speak up and say that I had been having unprotected sex or this grumpy little boy beside me quit possibly would not be here today . Two weeks passed and I started hurting servearly in my side , I went to my PEDIATRICEAN , thinking I had a uti . I had no IDEA they were giving me a pregnancy test .. I remember the moment like it was yesterday It was so surreal I watched the doctor who had seen me at everyone of my appointments since 1995 come in and tell me my pregnancy test was positive . I was in a twilight zone . I don't have much recelection of thought about that moment , I do remember the nurse giving me a hug and asking me if I wanted some water I guess because She saw the blood rush from my head to my feet . I had no idea how to tell anyone , I remember me and John