I need alittle love right now 😢😢

Mel • Married the love of my life one baby watching over us...are rainbow baby born November 2016
So I been with my SO for 15 years married sence last June truly in love got pregnant in August but sadly lost r baby at 11 weeks in October we just found out we r currently expecting r rainbow baby.... U would think it be the happiest time but no aside from the worries of if this one will me okay and be r miracle ...his 20 year old daughter has broke up w her boyfriend and has come to live with us she is aware of us being pregnant and still chose to come here we have a 3 bedroom house one r master one is my office I work from home and the guest soon to be baby room well it was till now 😢😢 I have no idea what's going to happen now I have no say because it his kid from another marriage he is so wrapped up in her drama and he could care less that I am sick and pregnant he tells me I'm the adult what's that mean I can't have feelings ?? He pays me no mind attention at all now ...I'm so confused I mean this I all I ever wanted married love of my life I thought that would love and cherish me but I guess u never truly know ....any suggestions on what I should do I want to run but can't and not sure I want to ?!?🙁 but I know this stree and heart ache is not good for me or the baby