Should I ask my husband to find a new job?

We're both first time parents & I am going to be working from home so that the baby doesn't have to go to day care. My husband works a 12 hour job w shifts that change monthly like month he'll work 6am-6pm & then it flips. I feel like it's not fair to me bc the baby is up screaming right now & it's 1:43 am. I have no idea what's wrong w him & have tried everything. If my husband was here around this time he could assist. Yes this is our source of income right now but he's got this whole "plan" of how we could have more money in a certain amount of years but honestly if that means we needs to be put on hold them we need to do that for right now so that it's fair & we both are handling him the same amount. I've been the one mainly dealing w him yes my husband has been tired but I need a break too and the baby is only a month old & I'm going through post partum depression. He should look for a new job in my opinion bc the job is also 30 mins away from where we live that's unnecessary wear and tear on the car and a waste of gas bc he's not even making that much. We're struggling regardless