So scared

Hi glowies,

I'm here because I can't sleep and I think I've exhausted my friends and Facebook folks. At my 19w scan we were measuring 11-18th percentiles, so a little on the small side. Baby had a bright spot on the heart that they said they wanted to check in 4 weeks...

So we had the follow up scan a couple days ago, baby was curled up and they said head and arm were 3rd percentile but the back part of the brain was 40th and abdomen was 20th with weight 20th overall.

I wasn't that worried until they asked if I'd want to go out of state to terminate if it was a genetic problem. And then I lost it and have been crying uncontrollably ever since.

In 5 hours we see the high risk doctor for another ultrasound, echo, and dopplers. I am so terrified about what they might tell us that I can't even sleep. I just feel so heartbroken. I'm trying to be optimistic but it just doesn't sound very good right now. Not sure if anyone has experienced anything similar but we'd appreciate any positive thoughts you can send our way. 😢😭