Weird twinges sharp pains πŸ˜–πŸ’₯

Could this be ovulation pains? I started cramping at work around 4:00 yesterday and wasn't thinking of it . Throughout the evening the pressure gets worse and unbearable. When I got home around 7:30 I had to call my husband who was in the house to help me walk up the stairs . I just wanted to curl up in a ball . The only way the pain goes down is if I sit in fetal position . From time to time I get twinges on my left side then my right . It's like my pelvis is having a tennis match down there. I have been currently taking femara to bring my periods on ; since I don't have them like I should and don't ovulate. I also been using opks like my doctor said but they have been all negative for a week. Could this be the moment I been waiting Β for? Also I had my last period March 28 . The femara gave me withdrawal bleeding that day. So I'm currently on cd 17. As I'm typing this the right side of my pelvis is twinging. What are your thoughts?Β