BabyMama ?

Just Read A Post About Someone Saying Lets Call A Spade A Spade ' witch she was referring to calling a baby moma a baby moms but WHAT THE FUCK IS A BABY MOMMA ?  
I have a child from a previous relationship and now pregnant from my current relationship nope I wasn't married then and ant married now ' but I'll be dam if someone wants to put me under baby momma  I am no ones baby moma I Am The Mother Of  His Child YES & THATS ALL !  But don't downgrade me cause I've never been married '  
And Married or not you better believe that I will get the respect I deserve CAUSE THATS WHAT I DESERVE' 
You ant going to look down on me or treat me any less  cause you didn't put a dam ring on my finger shoot I'll put MY Own Damm Ring On My Own Dam Finger 
People are so ignorant ! I SWEAR !