Rant about a Know it all first time mom

Okay, I just need to get this out. I have a co-worker who just had her first child. She and I work well together, but she is the type of person who knows everything. Well, now that she has been pregnant and has a hold she is basically sharing all her knowledge with me. I usually wouldn't be annoyed by this, but she has been pestering me about maternity photos. I am not really into myself and don't give a shit about pictures. I am not the the chick who takes weekly photos of my growing belly, and for those women who do thats awesome! It's just that I am not that type of girl. Anywho - she has now told me twice that I am going to deeply regret not getting pictures taken of my belly. Today she just sent me over the edge. She had this all knowing tone and look, and I am just really over people telling me what I will and won't want for myself. I blankly told her that I know myself and I know I won't regret it. And she got super pissed and walked away. I'm sick and tired of her acting like she knows everything about everything!!!! Bah! Sorry. Rant over.