Husband& Video Games

I'm 38 weeks pregnant with our first baby and I'm trying to get everything ready for baby. My husband loves video games (PS4) and I usually don't mind but he plays all night and day, well when he's not working, he does work 48 hours a week. But I'm starting to get stressed out because  he isn't helping with getting the babies room ready and I have to beg him to help choose things for the baby. This baby was planned and I know he wants to be a dad but is there hope that he will change once the baby is born ? I'm starting to think I will be doing all the work for the baby while he's playing video games all night. 😩😤😢 I'm on maternity leave already so I know I have more time to do things for baby then he does but it hurts my feelings that he doesn't want to spend his spare time getting things ready for baby.