Schooling for boyfriend daughter

Hey everyone, I'm coming to y'all because I'm having trouble with a school situation. So my boyfriend had a 5 year old, we currently get her week on and week off. My boyfriend went to court to get some type of custody because at the time his ex gave him no time with her. Now her mother wants her to go to school in Essexville so she can ride the bus (that's what I'm thinking) because she has no way of transporting her. This mother has no license, no car, and no job. Her father and I on the other hand work, have two cars and can great her anywhere she needs to go. Essexville is 45 mins away from our house, and I refuse to go that far every day. Gas is rising, and so are the miles on our car. We have suggested to put her into a school that is closer to us but not to far away from her. Of course a big deal comes out of it, I don't know what to do. I really don't want to drive 45 mins there and 45 mins back everyday. I need help. What do you guys think??