"you're huge" rant


Ok, let me start off by saying I'm 4'10 and according to my doctor my weight should not go higher than where it is bc of my height, which has me really upset bc before getting prego I was 120 & I then went down to 114 and now I'm 124 but apparently gaining 7lb in a month is a huge deal.

At work all they do is ask if I'm having twins cause my belly apparently is huge and "OMG poor you, I don't know how you can handle all that weight"

Cause I really need to freaking hear that ish right now!?!?! I don't know of its my hormones but my doctor and coworkers are def not helping my damn self-esteem bc they make me feel like a beached whale :(

Here I am today at 26 weeks and 3 days expecting a little girl.