Weird dreams!

I keep having weird dreams! I've always been a vivid dreamer and remember most of them.
Dream #1: I go to my OB for my first check up and as soon as the nurse goes out the room I deliver the baby FULL TERM. I pick him up and call for the nurse. The nurse comes in and says "Well you were definitely further than we thought. Let's go check you out, little boy." The baby then stands up holds the nurses hand and says "it's okay mommy, I'm fine, I'll be right back, I love you!" And walks out with the nurse. Then I wake up.
Dream #2: My Nana has just moved into her own assisted living apartment (in real life she and papa moved into a smaller house). Im helping Nana unpack and she asks "how much longer til you have the baby now?" I say "2 more months. I can't wait." We finish up and I say "I'm gonna go look for that cook book you mentioned in the library." I get to the back of the library and squat to look at a bottom shelf. All the sudden when I stand up I feel something between my legs. I reach down and it's the baby's head! So I sit down and push the baby out all by myself, no pain, no freak out. Completely calm. In my head I'm convinced I'm having a boy so I don't even check but I see his face is blue and he hasn't cried. I call for help, take my shirt off and lay him on it, and give him CPR. A dr comes and cuts my cord while I still give him CPR. The dr takes him finally he cries. I say "how is he? Is my Louis okay?! And the dr says "Louis would be a strange name for a girl." And then I wake up. 
I keep dreaming I'm having a boy (except at the end of that one dream) but I find out what I'm having in 10 days!