Ectopic pregnancy

August 13th I found out the best news in the world! 1 year after trying to get pregnant I finally saw a BFP. I estimated to only be about 4 weeks when I found out. I called my dr right away and she ordered hcg levels. My first was 104 then 284 then 868 and 1909 she felt I was progressing good. The following week I had horrible lower abdominal pain and my husband took me to the er after having a hcg level done and a sonogram I was told they couldn't see the yolk sac and my hcg had dropped to 800. They advised me I was miscarrying and wanted me to go see my obgyn. I went to see her she did another internal sonogram and I heard the worst news of my life. My pregnancy was ectopic ( funny how you have no idea what that means until it happens to you). Not only were my dreams crashing because I had lost my baby I was told my pelvic cavity was full of blood and she felt my right tube had ruptured I was now a emergency case. Within a hour I was in the OR. I feel no one in my family or friends understand what I am going through, not even my husband. I'm terrified I won't be able to get pregnant again and if I do I'm terrified it will be another ectopic and I could loose my other tube. I would just love to hear some success stories and some positive feedback!