Lost period

My bmi is currently 19.8 but it fluctuates. So I'm 5'7" and a half and weigh 128. I workout about 2 and a half hours 6x a week Including conditioning 2x a week. My normal workout is I run 4 miles in about 31 minutes, sometimes il do mile intervals where I run 1 mile at a time as fast as I can, I normally end up doing a 7:40 min mile pace. On conditioning days it's sprinting for an hour and a half. And every time I workout I lift weights for about 25 minutes, just light weight 5-12 lbs dumbbells depending on the exercice. I then do elevated situps(50), assisted pull-ups(10-15), leg machines, oblique exercices with 12 lb weight(50 on each side), lower back exercice also with 12lb weight(30), and lower ab workout( I use this machine where I hold myself up with elbows and lift legs, I do 50 of these. Then I do squats for about 20 minutes, I do different kinds, and finish with a Pilates ab routine for 8 minutes and then I stretch. I generally only eat clean food and like to cook it myself. I log everything I eat. And iv noticed I rarely eat more than 1500 calories a day. I am 19 years old and been told I am supposed to eat 2000 calories a day. But to me that seems impossible. I already eat as much as I can everyday. I do snack but I find it very difficult to eat meals, sometimes breakfast is the only full complete meal I can eat, the rest will be snacks like whole grain cereal, banana with granola, grapes, half a veggie sandwhich on vegan bread, smoothies with protein powder, muscle milk drinks, ants on a log, apples, and Waska crisps with cream cheese and jam, my breakfasts range from homemade oatmeal muffins to omelette with veggies and salsa, and oatmeal with fruit. I tend to drink 2-3 cups of tea a day with milk and stevia.  I will typically have a breakfast and then il have 2-3 snAcks for the rest of the day, including one before my workout and one after. If I want to eat with friends out I feel anxious and would rather just say I'm not hungry because I don't know what restaurants are putting in my food so I can't log it accurately. And if I don't workout one day I don't want to eat at all that day. Sometimes I get really hungry and il be at the grocery store but when I try to find a snack, it will take me hours as I will look at all the ingredients in all my choices and calorie counts in each and find making the best healthiest choice very hard, and normally will just skip that snack and wait until I get home to make one. I really dislike eating anything I didn't prepare because of these reasons. I think I have a problem with needing to control things, including my body but anyways, I stopped getting my period regularly. I got one that lasted 3 days last month but before that I hadn't gotten it for 2 months and this happened at the beginning of the year tok. So in this year iv only gotten about 4 manstrual cycles and the year is ending. My cycle used to be 27 days and regular, the latest I ever got it was 5 days late, so a 32 day cycle, but now my cycle is 57+ days. I was wondering if anyone knew if this could be trouble or if it is normal for it to change in your early adulthood, or if it could correlate to my eating routine or possibly my workout routine or both. Sorry for the long ramble just wanted to give some info about my lifestyle. Should I go to my doctor about this irregularity or am I fine is the question.