Chiropractic care and fertility/pregnancy

Hello all! My husband and I are both 35 years old and just started ttc in January. I am finishing up my doctorate in Chiropractic and wanted to share some information for those who are perhaps looking for a natural, drug-free approach to making sure your body is functioning at its fullest potential so you have your best shot at conceiving!
​Chiropractic has proven results published in peer-reviewed literature in helping with fertility issues, promoting healthy pregnancies, and easing labor. There is even a technique (Webster's) that assesses the sacrum (the bone just above the tailbone) and areas of tension on the round ligament of the uterus that has allowed breech babies to turn so that moms can have a vaginal birth.  Obviously, there are no guarantees, but if I am certain of anything, it's that we are all better off having a nervous system that is operating free of interference because of small misalignments in the spine. 
​Here are some links if you're interested:
​Best wishes to you all!