How can I make my hubby feel loved again?

Zoe • Preemie Mum 💕 Little Maya Born 23/12/14 - Due 28/01/15👊 5lb 7oz 👊✨25 Day NICU✨
So I'm 29 weeks pregnant and me and my other half probably have only had sex 3 times since I got pregnant, all near the beginning and now we medically can't since I have early broken waters and we are trying to delay labour so I'm on bed rest. I can tell he's feeling down and unloved, we barely even kiss anymore since I feel so rubbish all the time and am so stressed we've drifted apart a little, we still cuddle but it's more like a best friend relationship now. It's his birthday this month and I was wondering if anyone had any idea what I could do to make him feel special, bearing in mind I can't really go out and pick up anything for him. I was thinking I could cook him a huge breakfast in bed (get my mum to bring some round supplies for me the night before) and then go up to his mums for a little get together with his family, me and his mum could cook some party food. Going out for a meal really isn't an option. Any ideas? I'm pretty awful at planning these things x