No Heartbeat On Scan

Izzy • DD 5 years old, rainbow baby boy arrived Jan 16 after 3 miscarriages
Still in shock that this is happening. Had some brown discharge on Tuesday & had a scan yesterday where baby is measuring 6+3 when I was 7+4 & no heartbeat. We are beyond devastated. I'm booked in next week to see if things have changed but they're pretty sure I will start miscarrying before then. Over the last hour there is more blood so think this is it starting now. If it's going to happen I just want it to happen quickly so we can move on. It's our little girls 3rd birthday on Saturday so just hoping I'm not in too much pain then. I'd be even more devastated if I was too unwell for her birthday & party. Think I'm mostly just scared of what's to come & seeing everything coming out. Such a hard thing to go through!! X