Never going to find an apt

cassafrass • .
So back in 2012/2013 my SO and I had a VERY rough year. I was pregnant with our first baby the begining of 2012 we found out my SO has stage 3 kidney disease, our son was born in may and shortly after I had surgery on my gallbladder and also was diagnosed with ppd, August my FIL passed suddenly of pancreatic cancer (diagnosed and died the same week) september I attempted suicide and while I was in the hospital my SO was hit by a drunk driver and ended up in the hospital himself. He lost his job 4 months afterward when he was no longer physically able to perform it (because of injuries from accident and kidney disease) We resigned our lease because even with my income we could still afford our apt...well 2 months later I had another break down and attempted suicide again and lost my we had no other choice than to break our lease. We went to court and have a payment arrangement and have been paying for well over a year now but cannot find any place to rent to us. We had an unplanned pregnancy and really need to find our own apt but are stuck because nobody will rent to us since we are still paying off our last apt....I have 19 weeks left before baby comes and I'm so stressed out. We already have 6 people and 2 dogs in a 2 bedroom house (MIL's house) and adding a newborn I'm afraid will push me over the edge. I just want to cry and give up. I don't think I can mentally handle this especially being off my meds.