Could I be preggo?

Jasmine • 21 and in love with my babies ❤️
My partner and I are very sexually active, and very seldomly do we use condoms (& I am not on birth control). We did the deed during ovulation ( at least what I thought to be ovulation) and we noticed a white egg like discharge. (I assumed it was because I was ovulating). About 2 days later (yesterday) I went to use the restroom and noticed a white milky discharge when I wiped, quite a bit of it. I didn't think much of it the first time but this has happened just about every time I've used the restroom. I've been experiencing headaches, nausea, and a couple of other symptoms of pregnacy but not sore nor tender breast quite yet (which was the first thing I looked for). My period was on the 4th of this month so I'm thinking I should wait until the 4th of next month to test.. I'm aware the I could've ovulated sooner than I thought. Is it possible to get this milky white discharge that soon? Any opinions?