Partial molar pregnancy diagnoses but strong heartbeat...

Mimi • Hello everyone! My boyfriend (Aaron) and I are a young couple who is madly in love with each other. we had our first angel on October 4th 2016, and she passed the same day. Now we're expecting again

Today was my first ever appointment. Supposedly instead of me being 17 weeks like I assumed I'm 18 weeks(the doctor said so at least) well I was excited and happy to know I'm further along then expected. Well she order a ultrasound sound for me and my excitement only rose. My boyfriend and I were just brushing at the seam with happiness! Finally after all this time we get to see our rainbow baby.

Well when they brought the baby up on the monitor the doctor immediately told us something wasn't right, she told us that for 1. There isn't alot of animontic fluid surrounding the baby 2. That my placenta is larger then normal 3. The baby is measuring at 15 weeks rather then 18 weeks. The doctor said these were all signs that this was a Partial Molar Pregnancy and that the safest thing to do is to terminate because it would cause significant risk to the baby and myself if the placenta ruptured I'd bleed out. We were both devastated and it felt like a weight got dropped on our hearts. Here the doctor was telling us this baby is going to be abnormal but on the monitor there's a little person moving and kicking around even waving at us. The heart rate was 148bpm! I'm going for more tests and another ultrasound tomorrow so we'll find out more then.

My question is has anyone else had a diagnoses similar to mine and what was the outcome? I welcome any and all advice just remember to be courteous and respectful 😊 Thank you everyone